“I’m calling out your name; I’m fading
So save me from what I’ve become”
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why is everyone so obsessed with naked makoto showering in this episode??? we see him half naked every week chill


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"Don't you want to act, Senpai?"
"Well, we have her, so I like just watching from here."
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Mikoto Mikoshiba - Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
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After been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump since December 2008, Kuroko no Basuke has finally come to an end. Thank you Kuroko & friends for accompanying us for the past 6 years. Thank you Fujimaki-sensei for giving us a happy ending! 

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Junon Boy sensei thinking of a present for Naru’s birthday

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Haruka: I don’t need a reason to swim. I just need to feel the water. That’s what I’ve always believed. But.. When I lost to him, everything became dark. I won’t get to swim with Rin again. I didn’t care about anything at that point. Not the tournament or anything else.

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Tsukki Daisuki!

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During Haikyuu Web Radio

Because everyone needs to hear Saito Souma (Yamaguchi’s CV) being cute and saying, “Tsukki daisuki” as an answer to describe Yamaguchi.

Murase: What is Yamaguchi, a character Souma-kun plays, like?

Saito: “I love Tsukki!”

The full radio with Saito Souma as the guest can be found here.

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Tokyo Ghoul + Photoshop 
↳ Inspired by [x] [x] [x] [x]

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"…Don’t make me a killer."

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He said it himself and now he’s embarrassed by it. Isn’t that adorable?

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Because Sousuke need to make an appearance at the right time ever ♥

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as a gif/graphic maker and someone who speaks english as a second language i am so paranoid that i would make typos in my content that i look up the spellings of like every word ever so like my internet history is just random searches of words like “bob” and like “giraffe”

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[au meme] rin and haru as a famous singing duo and composers
Say Haru, if the words spoken between you and me were made into a song, what would your favorite melody be?” 
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i feel like the reason why haru distances himself from kisumi is because back in middle school kisumi really reminded him of rin, the way he would get up really close to haru and put his arm around him and the way he was always super cheerful and stuff. it reminded haru of rin, but in the end kisumi wasn’t rin and could never be what rin was to him and that made haru miss rin even more.

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