a wet puppy for the ALS ice bucket challenge

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Siblings are the people we practice on, the people who teach us about fairness and cooperation and kindness and caring.”
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What a liar…you are…

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Backstage - KBS Music Bank 081121

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Mookie, when you get the chance, could you draw Kenma and Kuroo playing video games together plz? :)
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if ur having a bad day please look at this screencap


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I can totally see both of Sousuke and Makoto becoming parents, well since they're Papasuke and Mamakoto x"D


re: precioushim

Episode 8 basically sealed the deal for me about Sousuke and Makoto becoming parents. Sousuke with Nitori and Makoto with the children.

Sousuke’s little pause and hesitation to console Nitori would probably be the type to stop and think about how to phrase his words (and most likely not sugar coat things, and give his honest opinion), or if he should leave the kid alone and give them some space, casually checking up on them because he’s the type that worries. ;3

While Makoto will probably jump right in and try to figure out what’s wrong and how to make it better, with a bit more tender tact on the subject.

And at night, while they’re in bed, Makoto will be there to hold Sousuke’s hand and kiss his forehead telling him, yes he did a good job, yes he’s a great dad, yes that was great advice, and no he did not just ruin their, but please wait before telling them the truth about Santa and the tooth fairy ;D hehe.

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just texted my teacher and told him that seirin has won the winter cup (because i believe he’s so busy w/ school’s new curriculum rn) and i expected that he’d reply my text w/ smth like “hahaha told you seirin would win!” (well, we made bet orz) but it surprised me because his reply is “thank god finally that insanely neverending match ended” x”D 

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Imagine Sousuke visiting Makoto, who has now become an official trainer, and Makoto getting flustered all of a sudden. The kids tease him a bit and then Hayato grabbing his hand with his tiny ones telling him that it'll be okay and that he can hold his hand if he's scared. Makoto is so touched he even teared up, and Sousuke is just watching this with a big smile on his face, no doubt imagining what it would be like to adopt and raise a child with Makoto some day.



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your harurin au meme post and your coloring are BRILLIANT!! i mean it's so pretty jfc bless you (=゚ω゚)ノ

oh my this is so sweet thank you so much! <33333

Makoto + Hayato || Parallels
It was because I was able to see the sky while I was swimming backstroke that I stopped being scared.

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Hybrid Child || PV第2弾

Ova 1 - 29/10/2014 || Ova 2 - 26/11/2014  
Ova 3 - 24/12/2014 || Ova 4 - 28/01/2015
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[au meme] rin and haru as a famous singing duo and composers
Say Haru, if the words spoken between you and me were made into a song, what would your favorite melody be?” 
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